Flash! Where Worlds Collide (Reagalos meets Under Glass)

Just as a bit of background, in Idolatry, the second in the Reagalos series, Lornyc and Methian are able to cross into other dimensions. So let’s just imagine they were able to slip into the planetarium a few months after the end of Under Glass (and there’s no alternative Lornyc and Methian in Kai and Ollie’s world so not to make it more confusing *g*).

Methian dragged Lornyc away from the archway. “I don’t think this is what Diam meant when she told you to look into the strange energy pattern.”

Lornyc snorted and pulled his arm out of his husband’s grasp. “Nonsense. Diam would’ve said something if she didn’t want me travelling here.”

“You keep telling yourself that, right up until the point she catches you and forbids you from leaving Reagalos Manor.”

“If you were so bothered you didn’t have to come with me.”

“What? And have you messing about on your own. You can get into trouble in a locked empty room.”

Lornyc flashed Methian a grin. “Only with the right inspiration.”

A dark red blur streaked passed the opening of the archway. Lornyc leaned out from their hiding space to see a young man wearing long flowing robes skidding to a halt in front of a huge glass dome. Lornyc’s jaw dropped as he saw what looked like a giant sun and series of planets housed into the middle of room. “Fuck!” he hissed.

The young man seemed to be searching for something. He crawled on the floor, his long brown hair falling over his face. He was joined by a second man with curly hair but he was scowling. “Just admit you’ve lost it, Kai.”

“No, Ollie, I’ll find it. I’m sorry.” Kai sounded distraught.

Ollie’s shoulders sagged and Lornyc recognized a similar demeanour to when Methian was trying to be angry with him but couldn’t keep it up. “It’s just a ring.”

“Not just a ring. My Union ring. I thought I’d put it safe.”

Lornyc saw a glint of gold material tucked into a corner. If he could just reach out with his magic and bring it into the open then he’d save this couple another argument.

He heard Methian swear under his breath, he must have had the same reaction to seeing the planets as he had. “What’s going on?”

“I think the one on the left has lost a ring – a piece of symbolic jewelry. I thought I’d fish it out using my magic.”

“Diam said not to use your magic in the other dimensions.”

“Don’t fuss so, Methian.”

Lornyc’s magic swirled into action, and he reached out a tendril of power and gently tugged the ring out of the hiding place it must’ve rolled to.

“There is it!” cried Kai in delight. He grabbed the ring and placed it safely on his finger.

Lornyc ducked back into the shadows, Methian cupping his jaw with his hand. “Never try to convince me that Lord Reagalos is not a romantic.”

“I merely did it so they would move on and not be in our way.”

“Yeah, right.”

Before Lornyc could answer, a familiar crackle of static interrupted him, and Diam stepped out of a portal. “Lornyc. What are you doing?”

“You said you needed help with the energy signal,” he said trying to sound innocent.

“You know very well, that did not mean you to charge around in dimensions you don’t belong. Both you, back now.”

With a last glance to the couple in the planetarium, who were now locked in a passionate kiss bathed in the light from the central sun, Lornyc followed Methian and Diam into the portal.


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