Flash! Six Months After Saving Crofton Hall

A short scene set 6 months after the end of Saving Crofton Hall

From the window of his office, Ben watched Karen, the new wedding coordinator, show a prospective couple one of the areas of the grounds that had become a popular backdrop for wedding photographs. A knock quickly followed by the soft snick of the door handle made him turn to see Ashley enter.

“And to what do I owe the pleasure? I thought you had a meeting with a new wine merchant.”

“That’s tomorrow. I told you this morning before we got up.”

Ben crossed the room and stole a kiss. “How am I supposed to concentrate on what I’m being told when I’ve a naked Ashley Niven by my side?”

“Your excuses are getting worse, Ben. Like the time you said you didn’t remember you had to meet the mayor because I’d given you a blow job and sucked your brains out through your cock.”

“And I maintain that was a perfectly valid excuse.”

“You would.” Ashley snorted.  “Anyway, I’m not here to distract you with memories of bedroom antics.”

“That was a desk antic,” interrupted Ben with a waggle of his eyebrows.


“I would apologize, but it would be empty and meaningless.”

Ashley ignored him. “Did you see Sir Gruesolot was back his rightful place?”

“Yes, marvelous, isn’t it? I spoke to the restorer this morning when he dropped him off. I daresay that suit of armor hasn’t looked that good since it was made.”

“I was amazed he was able to get the dent out of the visor.”

“I don’t know who your father found him with, and I don’t wait to,” Ben added quickly, the less he knew about the shady dealings of Ashley’s father the better. “But they made a right mess of Sir Gruesolot.”

“I don’t know who had him, but Dad said something about him being using for batting practice.”

Ben tutted. “Some people have no sense of history.”

“Well, no one can accuse you of that.”

Ben pulled Ashley closed. “Fancy sneaking away to make some more special memories for our own personal history?”

“I’m sure there must be one or two rooms we’ve not … explored in our unique manner.”

Ben grinned and headed for the door leading a willing Ashley. He was pretty sure the fourth guest room was in desperate need of exploration.


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