To Be Honest, I’m a Bit Lost

I think it would be fair to say that, like a lot of other people, 2016 has not been my best year. I’ve had some health problems that don’t seem to want to go away, we lost Mum, and the political upheavals on both sides of the Atlantic has resulted in a lot of deep thought and anxiety.

I’m currently in a mire with my writing – so many ideas but not so many words reaching the page. I’m pulled in several directions and plot lines, but when I come to sit and give them flesh they are just out of reach.

I’ve a dark future Earth novel whispering in my ear, and has been for many years, but now with Brexit and Trump it’s becoming more urgent. The spin-off crime series from this world is also vying for attention (the first of which is with a developmental editor to see where I can take it).

But then there’s the softer stuff, that panders to my romantic side. A sci-fi rom-com which is like a British Men in Black, but more biscuits less guns, and a story set in Switzerland around the frankly bonkers Basel Fasnacht (spring carnival). I even have MF story simmering which I think will barge itself to the front of the queue if my subconscious has anything to do with it.

I’ve an adventure into self-publishing on the cards for the next Crofton series. I’ve been hankering to explore the different eras and have a grand plan to write a new series called ‘The Earls of Crofton’ covering 4 Earls from 4 eras (one of which will be Anthony, the 1st Earl from the Crofton Chronicles and the earls from Victorian, Regency and Restoration periods) but I’ll reveal more about the others and the series as a whole in the coming months…




So I’ve lots I want to write. Lots I will write – eventually. There’s no point forcing it. I’m going to be kind to myself for the rest of 2016.


But listen up 2017, we’re gonna be great. We’re gonna set the world on fire. You hear me?



6 thoughts on “To Be Honest, I’m a Bit Lost

  1. L.M. Brown


    I seem to be in a similar state. Lots of ideas, including a dark futuristic set in 2065 or thereabouts. But no words getting written. Even NaNoWriMo hasn’t managed to stir me to action this year, and that has never happened before.

    I hope you get back into the swing of things soon and I look forward to more Crofton books.

  2. Mara Ismine

    I think the link between my brain and my fingers is broken. The words in my head are clear, the words I type on the page are only a pale imitation – AND NOT THE SAME WORDS!!!! Yes *breathe*. I wasn’t sure about doing Nano this year – I didn’t intend to do it last year but did – I opened a Word doc and wrote a list of short stories that needed finishing/starting that had been pestering in my head, and then picked one to start with. Then I found myself cleaning the kitchen… I didn’t bother posting my word count to NaNo for 210 words.

    1. rebeccacohenwrites Post author

      I didn’t even consider NaNo this year but I daresay if I had it would have been a very similar story to yours. I think I might need to send out a search party to find all these missing words.

    2. L.M. Brown

      I have a similar list of stories that I need to finish. One of them only needs two scenes to be complete. But I cannot seem to get words to paper. I managed to scrape 1000 words so far this month and then nothing. I am going to be lucky if I finish even one story at this rate, let alone all three in progress and a new one… which had been my intention.

      Hope your muse returns soon too.


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