Rainbow Snippets: ‘Making History at Crofton Hall’ (2)

Thankfully life is settling down a bit. I’ve just returned from a trip back to the UK, including a visit to Hatfield House, the beautiful stately home that inspired Crofton Hall.


So since the creative juices are flowing again I thought I would share another snippet of ‘Making History at Crofton Hall’ – the sequel to ‘Saving Crofton Hall‘.

Here Nathan (TV producer of the upcoming Secret History Special on Crofton Hall) and Dara (Crofton Hall’s new historian) are getting friendly over a pint at the pub in the nearby village.


“I’m not looking for a boyfriend.” Dara sipped his pint. “I’ve had enough changes in my life, a new relationship isn’t on the cards, but I’m up for some mutual stress relief.”

Nathan looked into Dara earnest blue eyes. If only all men were so straightforward, he probably wouldn’t have been so reticent. The coming weeks would be full of tension, bickering and nerve-fraying annoyance, maybe what he needed was a little distraction. “Fine.”

“Fine?” Dara laughed. “That’s hardly the ringing endorsement I was expecting. I’m offering to suck your cock, not pick up a box of teabags.”

“Nothing stopping you doing both. I’m rather partial to a cup of tea.”


Stop by at the Rainbow Snippets FB group to read more snippets!





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