‘Making History at Crofton Hall’: Rainbow Snippets (1)

So with ‘Green Eyed and Black Tempered’ submitted I’ve turned my attention to a new WIP. And what better way to start than to share a few lines with the fabulous Rainbow Snippets FB group.

‘Making History at Crofton Hall’ is the second the Stately Pleasures series which is the spin off from the historical series The Crofton Chronicles.

The modern day Earl of Crofton is Ben, and in this next instalment he is hiring a historian for the hall and expecting a film crew from the Secret History TV series who will be exploring some of the Redbourn family secrets.

Here’s part of Dara’s job interview with Ben:


“Madeline is singing your praises more loudly that my sister’s cries of despair when the wine bottle is empty, and you’ve not come in here and acted like a complete and utter arse. So on balance the job’s yours if you want it.”

As far as Dara was concerned, it wasn’t that simple. “Here’s the thing: What’s the actual job?”

Ben snorted. “Official historian to Crofton Hall, of course. I don’t have a job description per se, but I do have an four hundred year old family archive that needs desperately organizing, a trunk full of old letters that might make you weep from a professional point of view, and a rather suspect casket in the family crypt.”




18 thoughts on “‘Making History at Crofton Hall’: Rainbow Snippets (1)

    1. rebeccacohenwrites Post author

      Thanks! Actually your comment got me thinking… because my Dara character is a man (he’s Irish). In the first of the series I have Ashley (English boy’s name but more a girl’s name in the US) and I think I can have Ashley (who is Ben’s boyfriend) and Dara bond over their experiences of people thinking they might be women before they meet 😀

      1. AM

        Oh, ha! Well, that’s my American showing, LOL. Those are both definitely typically women’s names here. I shouldn’t assume things. 🙂 I like that bonding idea, though!

    1. rebeccacohenwrites Post author

      They found the letters in the first in the series, but in this one they begin to uncover just really did happen between the first earl and a well known actor of the time *g*

  1. Rian Durant

    Oh, wow! I’m pretty sure the letters will be a lovely, sensational read! I see Ben is as carefree as always, not having anything ‘per se’. Like, who needs job description when you want to hire someone?! 😀 Good thing Ashley is around. ❤


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