Rainbow Snippets Returns!

After the last month, with has included an unexpected trip to hospital and the subsequent recovery, I’ve not been in the mood to write. But thankfully the words have returned and I thought it time to play along with the Rainbow Snippets Facebook group.

So on to the snippet… longer than the stipulated six sentences, but since I’ve had a few weeks off I didn’t think anyone would mind. Here’s another sneak peak at ‘Green Eyed and Black Tempered’ the fourth in ‘The Crofton Chronicles’ series.


“We should press on if we wish the reach the inn before nightfall.” Anthony hoisted himself back into the saddle. “Then we should make London by mid-afternoon with no trouble.”

“Good. I want to start looking for rooms as soon as possible.”

Anthony had had wondered if he could delay the search, but Sebastian was too keen to suggest it, and with their delicate truce back in place he would do nothing to endanger their rekindled romance. “As I said, I have plenty of people I can ask. You’ll have somewhere to call your own before you could learn Malvolio’s monologue.”

“Trust you to refer to Twelfth Night.”

“Oh, Sebastian, if there is a more fitting play for us, then I do not know it.”

Sebastian kicked in his heels to spur on his horse. “I would have thought Much ado About Nothing, given our inability to woo peaceably.”




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