Rainbow Snippets: More from ‘Green Eyed and Black Tempered’

For this weekend’s post for the Rainbow Snippets Facebook Group, I’m once again sharing a few sentences from my WIP Green Eyed and Black Tempered the fourth in the The Crofton Chronicles series. (Set in 1606).

Some readers may be aware that Anthony Redbourn, Earl of Crofton, can be an arse at times, and in the snippet below Sebastian Hewel has shown his displeasure.


Sebastian’s handwriting was unmistakable, but Anthony didn’t need that to know it was from Sebastian as his dagger was handed back to him with the letter.

Since when did Goode Queene Bess bestow honors on an ass, she must’ve have been lead a foul to have given a title to a bladderheaded fool as you. How dare you cast your spiteful tongue in my direction, besmiche me after all I have endured for Us. Think upon your unjuste actions, and when your sore head is cleare and your regrets are heartfelt and not false, seek my forgiveness.

Sebastian had every right to be angry, and Anthony had never been addressed in such a tone, well, not in writing which held a certain permanence that couldn’t be brushed aside as moment of madness. He’d been subject to a stream of choice words in person when he’d been particularly obnoxious, but Sebastian had always taken great pains to say it to his face. Now he needed to grovel.


30 thoughts on “Rainbow Snippets: More from ‘Green Eyed and Black Tempered’

  1. Rian Durant

    This right here sounded like music to my ears. Not only because I’m in a renaissance mood lately :). It’s beyond me why I haven’t read the Crofton Chronicles yet. I should fix this asap!


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