Rainbow Snippets: Green Eyed and Black Tempered

Today I have a sneak peek of one of my works in progress, six sentences for the Rainbow Snippets Facebook group.

This is from ‘Green Eyed, Black Tempered’ which is intended to be the fourth in ‘The Crofton Chronicles‘ series. It seems I couldn’t leave Sebastian and Anthony after all, but for the first time in the series we get to hear the story from Anthony’s point of view.

Here we find Sebastian and Anthony three years after ‘Forever Hold His Peace’ discussing Anthony’s upcoming marriage to Lady Sarah.


“Be certain that no man or reason could keep you from my heart, I may need to travel with the players but my home, where I beyond is at your side. Which is why I do not think I can stand and watch you pledge yourself to another – even though I know with complete conviction that your marriage means nothing to either you or Lady Sarah than a convenient shroud.”

Anthony looked straight ahead, the words more painful than he expected. “You will leave?”

“No! That’s not what I mean. Anthony, your last marriage was also one of convenience, when you first took me – Bronwyn – as your wife it was nothing more than a mutual beneficial arrangement, your words not mine. I know this is different, but I can’t stand in the church and watch the service.”

“Be very clear, it is the wedding itself you can’t abide to see? If it means you leaving Crofton Hall for good I would call it off in a heartbeat.”

“The marriage will a false one, even falser than yours to Bronwyn,” Sebastian huffed, amused by this own words. “I can bear it, what I can’t bear is to see someone I love say the words of holy matrimony to another – whether they mean it or not. I am not strong enough to bear such a witness. And as beseech you to understand and grant me permission to be absent from the ceremony.”




25 thoughts on “Rainbow Snippets: Green Eyed and Black Tempered

  1. amyraenbow

    Lovely angst, and a difficult situation to negotiate. I like how nuanced this is, and the ways in which different aspects of the situation hurt in different ways.


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