Review of The Crofton Chronicles series

Rainbow Book Reviews very kindly reviewed the Crofton Chronicles series.


The Actor and the Earl

The story is well written, with some unexpected twists to spice it up. I enjoyed the cultural education which was well integrated into the theme. I recommend this book to lovers of historical romance, exquisite descriptions, well formed characters, and, of course a happy, although well earned, ending. Thanks, Rebecca, for introducing me to Anthony and Sebastian. Read the rest here.



DutytotheCrown Final cover

Duty to the Crown

Although my review touches on most of the highlights of the story, there are still other unexpected twists and turns, some pleasant, and others diabolical. I was impressed with Rebecca’ skill enabling her to show Anthony and Sebastian’s character growth. Read the rest here.




ForeverHoldHisPeace (3)

Forever Hold His Peace

Although I realize that all good things must come to an end, I always hate it when they do. I shall miss Sebastian and Anthony and following them during their quest to be with the person they love for the rest of their lives. I recommend this book to fans to finish out the journey started for these brave men so they can see how they do. Read the rest here.


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