Guest Blog: The Desert Foxe by Haley Walsh


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Author Interview:

What’s your writing process? Plotter/panster? Complete the first/tinker as you go? Multiple WIPs?
Being a “woman of a certain age,” I find that, for the most part, I really need to outline so I won’t forget where I’m going, and most importantly, so I don’t get writer’s block, because I can’t afford it. I have two other books to write in a year and they gotta keep moving. But full disclosure here, I didn’t outline DESERT FOXE, because it just really wanted to flow along and I got the fun of surprising myself as I wrote, rather than when I was outlining. I mean, I knew vaguely where I was going but new things just presented themselves and I said, “All right. Let’s go!”

I edit every day, rewriting what I wrote the day before as I start the day’s writing. Researching as I go along, too, though I always start with some initial research before I start writing, just to make sure whatever I had in mind is plausible or for some other purpose. I don’t write the other books at the same time. I just concentrate on one book at a time.

What Inspired Desert Foxe?
Simply the timeline. I’m following Skyler’s life and we just got done with the holidays in the novella FOXE DEN, and came into the next book FOXE FIRE that occurs in March, and so the next big thing in Skyler’s life was spring break and consequently the White Party in nearby Palm Springs. It was a natural lead-up. And then I wanted Skyler to be involved in murder, naturally, and this time I wanted Keith and all his friends involved, too. So I had to think what was adjacent to Palm Springs and it came to mind about Indian reservations and the plot just flowed out of there. I love in this outing that Skyler’s friends get POV chapters where they hadn’t before. I really enjoyed getting into their heads for a change. I’d say this is one of my favourite books now.

What’s next?
Right now I’m writing the eighth in my medieval mysteries under a different pen name, THE SILENCE OF STONES. Then I will get back to and finish my steampunk paranormal called THE DAEMON DEVICE: Book One in the Conjurer Chronicles, and, hopefully by that time, my agent will have sold an urban fantasy series I’m writing, BOOKE OF THE HIDDEN. And then it’s finally time to write the next Skyler Foxe novella FOXE DEN 2: Summer Vacation. That’s all for 2015! (You can see my other novels at

Desert Foxe was released on November 9 and you can buy it here:

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