Writing Woes – Sometimes You Have To Shake Things Up

I have to admit that my current WIP (sci fi novel with the working title Under Glass) is giving me grief. I love the premise – genetically prescribed true love – and the two mains characters, Kai the novice planet builder and Ollie Kai’s lost love, but for some reason I can’t seem to give it my all. I’ve been chipping away at the word count, some days barely managing a few hundred words, and it doesn’t help that I’ve two other, very different, WIPs nibbling at me.

I was really worried that I couldn’t do Kai and Ollie’s story justice – and I’d waste a great opportunity. However, this morning I had a bit of a revelation. And it all boils down to how I usually write. I like to plan the story, make sure the plot is down before I start to write in earnest, and so the first draft, from a plot point of view, should be done and dusted. But I don’t think I can do this with Under Glass – for once I need to just write the beast and then rip it apart and restitch later. There are parts of the plot that evolve with each passing page, spinning me in a new direction, or things that I want to include that just don’t work in the current plan.

So this is a brave new world for me – wish me luck, I’m going in!


Here, have a picture of the Basel basilisk since it always cheers me up.



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