Extract from Life in the Land

With the release date fast approaching here’s an extract from Life in the Land.


A muffled thud from the direction of the hedgerow made Bobby look up. Accompanied by a string of swear words, his friend Mike emerged from underneath the thicket, pulling himself along on his belly. His dirty blond hair was a mess, sticking out in all directions and littered with bits of twig. He was muddy and had a big smear across his cheek, but he was grinning.

The fondness Bobby felt whenever he saw Mike spiraled up through his chest, and Bobby thought this probably wasn’t how he was supposed to feel about his best friend.

“You all right?” asked Mike as he got to his feet.

“Same old.”

Mike dropped down to sit next to him, and Bobby smiled slightly as Mike knocked against him with his shoulder. “Come on, can’t be that bad.”

“I tried again… it didn’t work.”

In an instant Mike threw his arms around him, hugging him tight, and Bobby relished the comfort. Mike’s open affection always surprised him, and he returned the hug. He buried his face in Mike’s neck, refusing to cry as he held on tight, enjoying Mike’s warmth and the fresh earthy smell of the land that clung to his friend after his adventure in the hedgerow.

“It’ll be okay, Bobby.”

“You don’t know that.” Bobby pushed away but was glad Mike kept an arm around his shoulders.

“Yes I do. You’re going to be brilliant. I told you, you’re gonna be the great Artichoke Avenger, and I’ll be your faithful sidekick, Sprout Boy.”


Available for pre-order here:

Dreamspinner Press Website


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