Sneaky peek at the sequel to The Actor and the Earl

To celebrate the release of Duty to the Crown, I’m finally going to start using this lovely new blog! It’s still somewhat of a work in progress, and there’ll be tweaks along the way, but it’s time to use this baby.

So here’s an extract from it – due to be released on the 4th March from Dreamspinner Press:

DutytotheCrown Final cover“I had hoped Claire’s news had improved your humor, but I sense you are not in your usual sweet temper,” Sebastian said.

Anthony didn’t reply, just held him tighter. Sebastian peered over his shoulder. “Anthony, you’re making me worry. What on earth’s wrong? If it’s about the bandits, I promise that I am unhurt.”

“I love you, Sebastian.”

He knew Anthony loved him, but declarations of his feelings were not something Anthony did on a regular basis. Something must be very wrong. He sat up and looked down at Anthony, who stared up at the canopy of the bed, resolutely not looking at Sebastian.


“What is going on?”

Anthony sighed and threw his arm over his face. “I am torn between my duty to the crown and my love for you. But there is no way I can refuse a favor requested by the Queen.”

Sebastian frowned. “Duty to the crown? Favor? Anthony, what the hell are you talking about?”

“The Queen has asked me to provide her with some information, specifically the whereabouts of Philippe Valois, the Duke of Lorraine, in order to assist the King of France.”

“And?” asked Sebastian, even more confused, if that was possible.

“Philippe is believed to have information about a number of religious extremists that could damage a truce the king has brokered.”

“But what has that got to with you?” asked Sebastian, who was starting to get annoyed.

“Philippe’s twenty-year-old daughter is at court—the Queen thinks she will know where her father is and wants me to extract the information.”

“And why you and not one of the Tower’s many torturers?”

Anthony’s expression was a mix of upset and embarrassment. “She thinks a softer approach, one that I have a reputation for, would yield better results.”

“Softer approach? Oh sweet Lord, she wants you to seduce her!”

Pre-order this book: here (eBook) or here (paperback)


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